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Tintenherz (Tintenwelt, #1)
Cornelia Funke
Der verborgene Garten
Kate Morton, Charlotte Breuer, Norbert Möllemann
Phoenix Rising
Philippa Ballantine, Tee Morris
Unnatural Creatures
Maria Dahvana Headley, Neil Gaiman
How (Not) to Kiss a Toad
Elizabeth A. Reeves
Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends
Shannon Hale
The Clockwork Scarab (Stoker & Holmes, #1)
Colleen Gleason

My little Pony: Friendship is magic Volume 1

My Little Pony Volume 1: Friendship Is Magic (My Little Pony (IDW)) by Katie Cook (2013) - Katie Cook

Warning: Those who haven´t watched the cartoon series won´t get the comic series.

Hello everypony,

here´s my review of the first volume of the My Little Pony FiM graphic novel (unfortunately without moving gif, because I didn´t find them): it cracked me up to tears.

And here´s the long version:

The story takes place somewhere between "A Canterlot Wedding" and "Party of one"
(insert Pinkie gif "Because the cannon contained the dough for Guppy´s b-day cake, duh!")

Queen Chrysalis is beaten & takes over a village of all-loving kitties to plot a revenge against Twilight Sparkle, because it seems Twilie annoyed Chrysalis more than Celestia or Cadance did (okay....)

(Insert angry Fluttershy gif "Vengence for the kitties")

Her plan contains kid... ah... follienapping the CMC´s taking over Ponyville & setting an ultimatum to Twilight & her friends for rescueing the CMC´s within 3 days. Since Princess Celestia is out of reach because of an upcoming mystical power event (upcoming the next 3 days), the Mane Six decide to rescue the CMC´s without any other help, while Spike should try to reach Celestia (big laugh for the "the Princess can´t take your message right now"-scroll).

(insert Rainbow Dash gif "I said, it is a trap.")

I really liked this story arc. MLP FIM cracked me up since I stumbled over it on Youtube and as far as I can see the comic series is even better.

(insert "20% cooler" gif)

Even though Lauren Faust hasn´t written it, the ponies are totally in character. And we get a lot of laughs because of pop culture references from other movies and cartoons (i.e. Indiana Jones, Kim Possible...).

Pinkie Pie especially has a strong point here. Herr wackyness seems to be less annoying in the book than in the episodes and it makes more sense than the randomness she throws inside the tv episodes.

(insert Pinkie gif "Madness with method")

Plus she breaks the 4rth wall constantly and in fetches items out of nowhere in old school Looney Toones manner (seriously, where did she got the party cannon from?)

(Insert confused Twilie, Dashie, Flutter, Apple & Rari gif)

All in all I say, this isn´t a pure kids book.


(show spoiler)

What Kind of Book Hoarder Are You?

I am a conquering anarchistic librarian...


The short form for this term is Bookcat =^-^=

Happy Goth Chic Appreciation day!


Thanks to all something else women who made this life colourful dark, romantic & gloomy in all kinds of arts, fashion & music.

I can´t wait to see the series or to get the remastered album =^-^=


I hope Germany gets both....



I should pick up Bram Stoker´s Dracula.....

*looks at "to read"-pile*

Or better not...

*knock knock* Is this thing on?

Ok... so, I am here now.... I will proberbly change my shelves amd settings for a while till I figured the place here out, so... don´t mind my chaos =^-^=


And, hello booklikes, looking forward to write reviews.

The Fallen Queen (Whatever Became of the Squishies series, #0.5) - Claire Chilton This ebook is the prequel novella to the Whatever Became of the Squishies series. It explains the historical beginnings of the "superpowers". Basically, a "younger sister is jealous of the older chosen one sister"-story where something goes very very wrong.

40% story, 60% preview. Nice appetizer & worth buying.
The Mermaid Of Druid Lake And Other Stories (1906) - Charles Weathers Bump This was an odd collection of fictional tales....
Sugar Sugar Rune, Volume 2 - Moyoco Anno I officially like this series ^_^

Der zweite Band hat mir definitiv Lust auf mehr gemacht.
Die Freundschaft von Chocola & Vanilla gerät jetzt offiziell in eine Zwickmühle. Es gibt mehr Informationen über den Zwist in der Zauberwelt, sowie den Ursprung der Ogul.
Ich bin gespannt, was im Tagebuch von Cinnamon, Chocolas Mutter, geschrieben steht....
Sprinkle with Murder - Jenn McKinlay This is really not my cupcake. It´s a nice fluffy story, but I don´t know... I tried to read forward for monthsnow, but this book doesn´t get me hooked like the Library Lovers-series. I could forsee things & characters too easily (and I have to admit, Christie is a b****, you just have to hate her). There is one big spark missing.
I am sorry, Jenn, but I leave this book unfinished with a 2.8 rating. Maybe I´ll re-read it, but it won´t be any time soon.
Ever After High: The Storybook of Legends - Shannon Hale The Ever After High prequels "Apple White´s story" & "Raven Quuen´s story are currently available as Kindle freebies. According to this, "Briar Beauty´s story", "Maddie Hatter´s story" & "Ashlynn Ella´s story" shall be available as Kindle freebies soon.
Die kleine Gruftschlampe - Tikwa Bloody, dirty, macabre, sick & funny as hell are the tales of the little Crypt B. Vampiri and her friends (/victims).
Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 1 - Kiiro Yumi, Hiro Arikawa, Kinami Watabe I am not sure about this series yet. Seems to be not my cup of tea, because there was more shojou than book love.
The 2 stars rating is only for this volume. I´ve read it several times during the last month & it still doesn´t grab me...
The Book Of Tea: Okakura Kakuzo - Kakuzō Okakura, Bruce Richardson A good book about the history of tea.
Manga-Bibliothek: Fünf Fälle für Sherlock Holmes (Manga-Bibliothek, #1) - Haruka Komusubi,  Arthur Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes ist und bleibt großartig, auch im Mangaformat.

Es handelt sich hier um die graphische Umsetzung der 5 Geschichten

- Die sechs Napoleons
- Das getupfte Band
- Die Liga der Rothaarigen
- Das letzte Problem
- Im leeren Hause

Alles in allem finde ich diesen Band sehr gelungen, obwohl Holmes und Watson für meinen Geschmack etwas zu jung gezeichnet wurden.
Es ist schade, dass dies ein Einzelband ist.

Pages of Sin Review

I love love love this series ^-^

Books, book geeks, family secrets, book restoration techniques, very nice settings, more books... and the strangest love square I´ve ever seen o.o

Storm Front - Richard Castle First two chapters available for free reading: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/castle/blogs/storm-front/storm-front-chapter-2-download?cid=fb_sf_csl Thanks abc.