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In the Dead of Winter - Abbey Pen Baker I am sorry, but I leave this book unfinished.
I liked the idea of Sherlock Holmes having an intelligent daughter from Irene Adler and doesn´t know about it, but I really do not like Myrl Adler Norton.
Unlike Holmes, this woman over runs people with her doings like a hurricane and (let me know if you didn´t ´feel the same way) she takes away their air to breathe. It´s like, she takes the personalities of other while being with them & leaves nothing like greyness or emptiness (I think she´s even taking a lot of Faye´s strength away).
The fact that Myrl suffers from depression isn´t an excuse for that. Even a totally logical being would do something against that if it notices that its surroundings suffer too much (see Sherlock Holmes´ drug addiction).
Faye Tullis was a worth Watson replacement nevertheless. But trying to read this book was fourfold more exhausting than reading the whole Sherlock Holmes series.