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Tudor Rose - Anne Perry At first I was very sceptical: a young adult book by one of my favourite murder mystery authors, very thin & very expensive, could that be any good?
I picked it up out of a whim, because I wanted to have a quick & light read. I got far more. Ok, it IS a quick read, a short novel if you want, but believe it or not:

This book has a very strong message!

Rosie is technically an outsider. She´s got brains, but she can´t read. She tries it, she wants it, but she can´t do it. She fakes stupidity so she can hang out with the stupid kids who make fun of subject stuff in school, because Rosie is too afraid to admit her problem.

And this is a very common problem in our global society, a problem we all need to be aware of.
This book is, it is devided in short chapters & large printed so that people who can´t read very well & young school people can understand it.
The teaching of historical facts is almost a side effect here :)

Well done, Anne Perry!